Discover and connect to more customers.

We Are ScoutSheet

Our mission is simple…help our users discover and connect with more customers.  Our technology is a sales prospecting and smart list-building tool that uses relationship mapping and real-time data gathering to help you connect with the right customers and the right information.

Our Product

We offer a single product that has two primary uses cases.

ScoutSheet For Smart List-Building

“Discover a universe of unknown customers.”

Designed for high-growth technology companies doing outbound sales.  This smart list-building technology allows you to build your own custom lists of people or companies within certain industries and locations.

ScoutSheet For Referral Mapping

“Use the people you know to find more customers.”

Designed for financial advisors and other salespeople in relationship-based careers. This technology allows you to use your best customers to get referrals to people just like them.

ScoutSheet Blog

How do you discover and connect with new customers? Maybe you’re a hustler out on the streets looking for new biz.  Maybe you’re an inside sales professional searching through web-sites page a time looking for new prospects.  Or else you’re a cold calling machine that buys lists and starts blasting. Regardless of your approach, it’s…

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A successful sales & marketing process is a science and an art.  This article helps uncover some of the ways to use data and testing to help improve your sales process. Develop a List of Questions & Hypothesis The purpose of data is to answer a question (Ex: Who is my best customer?).  To specify…

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