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Stop Buying Lists for Sale

Use ScoutSheet to build lists of the right customers with the right information.

Why Smart List Building

For Outbound Sales Teams

You work in a high-growth sales environment where connecting to lots of prospects is important.

Who Need Highly Targeted Lists

You need to create lists of prospects who are like your existing customers.

With Accurate Contact Information

You need to connect with these prospects using the most accurate contact information.

How It Works

Step 1

Search for prospects by industry, location, or job title. ScoutSheet displays people it found on websites that match your criteria. Select the prospects you want and add them to your smart list.

Step 2

ScoutSheet then goes out and finds the most current and accurate contact information for your prospects (email, phone, address, website, etc.)

Step 3

Use the ScoutSheet Chrome Extension to grab more prospects from any website that has lists of people or organizations.

Ready to Build a List?